Our mission at BrainiApps is to breathe new life into learning by using iPads, educational apps and other emerging technology to today’s students. Every project we email to parents, friends, teachers, and child-care providers is a piece we feel proud to share. BrainiApps takes pride in the apps we choose to purchase and the lesson plans we carefully design. The instructors who teach for BrainiApps are intelligent, passionate, fun, humorous, and talented at working with children.


“You are providing a light in my son’s eyes which has been missing this year.”
Michelle Hogan, Parent and 5th Grade Teacher

“Patrick has an incredibly insightful way of empowering children to be their best selves. Patrick has a contagious passion for connecting with children and enabling them to learn and grow. He is extremely gifted in believing in children and helping them to believe in themselves. The difference Patrick makes in the lives of the children lucky enough to work with him, has a life-long impact. I can’t think of a better role model and mentor of children of all ages.”
Laurie Rinke, CSW & Associate Director of Camp Echo Lake

“BrainiApps has gotten Holly very excited about computers and she looks forward to each class. She has learned a lot and in a fun way. Thank you!”
Yvonne Moritz, Parent

“My son suggested that BrainiApps should have a summer camp at the Apple store!”
Kadi Cole, Parent



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